User interface

The Cycle client is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to make creating and running software tests easy. The Cycle IDE will be used for both developing and running automated tests.

Cycle first opens to a Welcome Screen:

Cycle Welcome Screen

The layout of Cycle can be broken down into 4 major components:

  1. The Cycle Ribbon toolbar - The wide blue bar across the top of Cycle that displays different buttons based on the type of file open in the Editor workspace.
  2. The File Browser panel - The gray box to the left-hand side of Cycle that displays local files, resources, and directories available to open and/or incorporate into Cycle tests.
  3. The Cycle Editor workspace - The primary workspace where Feature Files, Playlists, and Group Tests are created, edited, and executed.
  4. The Inspector panel - The box to the right-hand side of Cycle which contains tabs for the Assistant Editor, Settings for the open file, and the Output of an executed test.

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