New Version: Cycle 2.2.1

We've updated Cycle to v. 2.2.1. This minor update to our most recent 2.2.0 release includes bug fixes and improvements, as well as some new functionality we were able to squeeze in for our terminal users.  Existing Cycle customers can download it now from the Cycle User Portal.
Please find the following high-level summary of the 2.2.1 release.
What's New:
  • Local Terminal Support. We added a new Step, I open local terminal, which will start a command-line session that can be interacted with and used to run local commands.
  • Telnet Protocol Support. In cases where users needed to use KpyM Telnet server, Windows Telnet Service can be used as it is now supported from within Cycle.
  • File Counter Per File. The file counter now works per file for the Steps Given I assign values in next row from "<CSV_FILE_PATH>" to variables and Given I assign next line from "<FILE_PATH>" to variable "<VARIABLE_NAME>". A new Step was also added: I reset line counter for “<CSV_FILE_PATH>”.
  • Test Button for Email Summary Report Setting. It is now possible to send a test email to validate your email summary report setting configuration. 
  • Project Directory Improvements. You can now drag files from one folder to another to move them via the Project Directory. Renaming an open Feature via the Project Directory will also rename the open tab.  
  • Better Error Messages. We updated a variety of error messages to make them more informative and actionable.
  • Standardized Correlations. We cleaned up the formatting of correlation numbers included in Output Panel messages Panel so they are on the same 0-to-100 scale as the correlations used in Project Settings and Steps. 
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Improvements. We made a number of fixes, including but not limited to: Pausing, resuming, and stopping a Step inside an inner Scenario now works appropriately. Email report subject lines are now accurate. A warning prompt will now display when attempting to close Cycle while a test is executing. Editing a Feature with Image Preview on should no longer snap the cursor to the top of the Editor periodically. Enabling the keyboard in a terminal Group Test now works as intended. You can also now pause a Playlist that contains an empty directory without issue.

Existing customers can download the update via the Cycle User Portal.

New customers can contact sales to get started.

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