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Inspector Panel

Cycle 2.0’s right-most panel provides access to functionality that was previously difficult to access, like real-time contextual help, per execution settings control, and navigating and troubleshooting test results.

  • New real-time contextual help such as step descriptions, parameters and examples without having to leave Cycle or open additional windows
  • Control execution settings on a per execution basis without having to adjust global defaults
  • Navigate, troubleshoot, and copy results directly to the clipboard with our new output presentation

Context-Sensitive Toolbar

A toolbar has been added to provide shortcuts to relevant actions in context. Knowing all available execution options for a given test in Cycle 2.0 is simple with the new toolbar. The toolbar provides buttons for Cycle keywords and actions applicable for the type of tests you’re building.

Integrated File Browser

Cycle 2.0’s left-most panel is an integrated file browser allowing you to search for, manage, rename, open, and even drag files and resources directly into your tests without leaving Cycle.

Consolidated Group Testing

Our newly consolidated group tab allows parallel testing of terminal and non terminal-based tests in the same window; diverse performance tests can be orchestrated from a single group tab. As a bonus, complete history for each process in a given group can be researched real-time while the test is executing. 

Failure Handling

Cycle 2.0 provides granular control for ongoing test execution when a test fails. For single tests, playlists or even group tests, you can now tell Cycle exactly how or if to continue testing when an issue is encountered.

In-line Data Extract Usability

Tests are only as good as the data behind them, and managing data can be a headache. In-line data extract functionality ensures you can build and control complex data sets without having to leave the test you’re working on.

Improved Command Line Interface

The most valuable way to run tests is in an automated fashion while you aren’t watching. So, we’ve overhauled Cycle’s command-line interface with new arguments, exposed settings, and the ability to run group tests. These updates provide powerful Cycle integration with your CI/CD workflow. Cycle supports well-known CI/CD solutions such as Jenkins and Bamboo.

A Next Generation Execution Engine Built to Scale

This newly improved engine supports improved failure handling, granular control for test execution speed, quoted parameters, relative and absolute file paths, and improved variable type detection – String, Integer, Double, Float? Who cares! Just tell Cycle the value you want use.

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