Script Recording

Cycle enables users to create test scripts by simply recording desktop or terminal interactions. This functionality saves you time when writing new tests from scratch or adding operations to existing tests. Recording capabilities also allow non-technical users to create basic Cycle tests so your technical teams can focus on more complex and dynamic scripting.

System-Agnostic Testing

Cycle supports testing via controls like keyboard and mouse input, ensuring tests are run exactly as users would execute them. This unique approach allows Cycle to interact with any enterprise software system you need to test. Application-specific packages with pre-written Steps for software systems such as JDA® and HighJump™ are available as add-ons to enhance test writing capabilities.

Cycle Script Example

Easy-to-Understand Testing Language

Cycle’s testing language is both technically robust and simple to understand. Steps are written in straightforward, conditional language and use images for easier comprehension. This unique approach to testing ensures even non-technical team members can read and write tests, creating tighter alignment between business requirements, Standard Operating Procedures, development plans and testing approaches.

Voice Testing

Cycle now supports Vocollect VoiceCatalyst®, providing a simple solution to ensure critical voice processes have been validated and operate as intended. Execute automated Vocollect tests for regression or performance scenarios and achieve confidence in your Vocollect deployment.

Feature Playlists

Create and save a list of Cycle Features to validate complete functional areas or to execute a full system regression test. Playlists can run real-time or be scheduled for execution later (even unattended!).

Terminal Batch

Cycle’s built-in terminal batch capabilities allow users to easily conduct large-scale volume tests to emulate hundreds of users working simultaneously. View all of your terminals at once as they interact with the system, or drill down individually to see a particular terminal and edit its actions at any moment during the test.


Cycle displays real-time results whenever a Cycle scriptknown as a Featureis executed. Cycle also generates a HTML report each time a Feature is executed. The HTML report provides a high-level view of how many Steps passed or failed, and also allows users to drill down to see more details, such as the state of the screen when a given Step was executed. 

Data Management Tools

Imagine being able to create test data with the click of a button or easily move orders, purchase orders, master receipts and other test data between systems quickly. The new Extract Data tool simplifies the process of creating and managing test data so you can spend more time executing and analyzing test results and less time with test set-up.

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