business process validation for your entire supply chain operation

What is Cycle?

Available via a quick, local install, Cycle is a desktop software solution that helps you validate business systems and processes work as you intended.

Why is Cycle important?

With Cycle, users can achieve operational assurance and mitigate risk by simulating both current and future state scenarios. Cycle automation scripts can be recorded directly from user desktop and terminal interactions and set to run automatically at the frequency of your choice.

Who is Cycle for?

Cycle is designed for individuals and teams who want to regularly test their systems and processes to identify errors before production is impacted. Using straightforward, conditional language that can be understood by business, operational, and technical stakeholders, Cycle scripts allow teams to align and collaborate on the same automation scripts.

Business Process Validation

Business process validation represents an evolution from traditional software testing. This comprehensive view of operational assurance encompasses three critical aspects:

  • What software systems you rely on
  • How users interact with those systems
  • Why those systems and processes are critical to your operations

Effective and efficient organizations understand the need for regular, automated validation of both systems and processes. With Cycle, you can achieve operational assurance for immediate project needs, as well as establish ongoing business process validation through test automation.

Why you should choose Cycle

Mitigate risks across your operations.

Execute tests faster and more effectively so you can address disruptions before customers are impacted.

Upgrade with confidence.

Apply system modifications and upgrades with confidence, knowing you’ve thoroughly tested all business scenarios.

Automate testing.

Conduct full-scale regression tests of any enterprise-level system. With Cycle’s built-in terminal batch tab, you can also facilitate large-scale volume tests.

Improve communication.

Written in straightforward, conditional language, Cycle files can be used by business and technical teams to document requirements and test against those requirements.

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