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a continuous testing platform for your entire team

What is Cycle?

Cycle is a single Continuous Testing platform for your entire team. Other continuous testing solutions are designed for software development; focused on building software. And, although Cycle provides reliable test automation for technical teams, it also arms non-technical team members with a powerful continuous testing engine for automating critical business process validation, supplementing manual testing, and facilitating realistic and comprehensive performance testing.

Why is Cycle important?

Cycle is built to unify complex teams. Although software is trending toward modern web and native mobile technologies, historically software (especially in the enterprise) has been slow to evolve. Effectively maintaining business ecosystems involves a variety of complex – often legacy – technologies and solutions, requiring a diverse set of technical skillsets. Previously comprehensive end-to-end test automation across these complex ecosystems has been viewed as extremely difficult, if not completely unattainable.

Teams typically use a variety of scripts, spreadsheets, status reports, word documents and many other technology specific tools, segmenting each team and creating silos of knowledge, resulting in missed requirements, miscommunication, non-valuable features and eventually, dangerous and improperly tested system changes.

Cycle makes comprehensive end-to-end testing a reality. Cycle is a Continuous Testing platform allowing developers to better communicate with upstream, non-technical stakeholders and empower downstream team members like implementation and deployment, as well as quality assurance teams.

Who is Cycle for?

Cycle is designed for individuals and teams who want to regularly test their systems and processes to identify errors before production is impacted. Using straightforward, conditional language that can be understood by business, operational, and technical stakeholders.

Cycle users range from non-technical business analysts and manual testers to technical developers and QA engineers. Cycle is for the entire team, facilitating better communication and therefore better solutions.

Cycle focuses on making testing the forefront of projects with behavior-driven strategies that enforce test-first practices, resulting in more effective and complete test coverage.

Enabling Cross-Team Communication

Cycle is used across all teams, for everything from automated unit testing and supplementing manual testing to comprehensive acceptance and performance testing.

Cycle is a next-generation Continuous Testing platform built for teams focused on modernizing and streamlining their development and deployment processes. In order to effectively communicate and keep enterprise teams working together, a single solution must be used.

Why you should choose Cycle


Mitigate risks across your operations.

Execute tests faster and more effectively so you can address disruptions before customers are impacted.

Upgrade with confidence.

Apply system modifications and upgrades with confidence, knowing you’ve thoroughly tested all business scenarios.

Automate testing.

Conduct full-scale regression tests of any enterprise-level system. With Cycle’s built-in terminal batch tab, you can also facilitate large-scale volume tests.

Improve communication.

Written in straightforward, conditional language, Cycle files can be used by business and technical teams to document requirements and test against those requirements.