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All licenses are for 12 months, billled annually and include upgrades and support. Training classes, additional professional services, and perpetual licensing options are available – contact sales for more information.

Pricing FAQs

Can I try Cycle for free?
Yes. Sign up for a free, 30-day trial of Cycle to see how your operations could benefit. Includes access to Cycle resources to help you write tests. Following the 30-day trial, you can choose to convert your trial to a paid subscription.
What is included with my license purchase?

Your Cycle license is valid for a 12-month term and includes:

  • New releases and updates
  • Security patches and bug fixes
  • Access to the Cycle User Portal for license and user management
  • 24/7 product support via Portal, email, or phone
  • Option to participate in Beta releases
What payment options do you accept?

Cycle licenses are billed annually. Subscriptions can be paid via mailed check or bank transfer.

What is the minimum term of service?

The minimum term of service is one year with the option to renew annually. To inquire about perpetual licensing options, please contact sales.

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