Frequently-Asked Questions

How is Cycle installed?
Cycle is available via a local install from the Cycle User Portal. The Cycle User Portal provides quick access to all your Cycle downloads, including the latest version, release notes and supporting documentation.
Who can use Cycle?
Cycle Script is easy-to-understand, meaning all business stakeholders—technical and non-technical—can understand, write, and align on scripts. Using the built-in recording functionality in Cycle, business process experts of varying technical backgrounds can create complex and complete test scripts by simply recording desktop and terminal user actions.
What applications are supported by Cycle?
Cycle is application-agnostic and can be integrated and used with any business system, including Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management, and Order Management Systems.
How can I manage Cycle licenses within my organization?
Licenses are managed via the Cycle User Portal. Cycle administrators have the ability to add and remove users, while all users can view license availability and details.