Resource Directory

Defining a Resource Directory is required to use Cycle’s image comparison functionality and to use Steps that rely on CSV, SQL, or MSQL files. Path names in a Feature File for specific assets may be written in relation to the defined Resource Directory (relative) or as the full path (absolute).

Once the Resource Directory is defined within the Cycle Preferences, Cycle can save newly captured images to the directory and search for files within the directory.

When working on a Windows PC, the typical Resource Directory would be similar to C:\Users\Username\Documents\Cycle and images would be stored in C:\Users\Username\Documents\Cycle\images.

The Default Resource Directory is set in the Edit>Preferences menu item at the top under General:

A Feature-specific Resource Directory can also be set from the Settings tab of the of the Inspector panel under Environment:

It is recommended to structure your Resource Directory using folders to help organize images and other project files.

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