The Inspector panel, found on the right side of Cycle, uses a three buttons to show the Step Assistant (when editing a Feature), Settings and Output.

Inspector Buttons

This panel can be hidden or revealed by using the hide button in its bottom corner:

Inspector Hide

Step Assistant tab

The Step Assistant tab is designed to give additional information about the use case, parameters, and syntax of the highlighted step. In the example below, the Step Assistant is showing information about the Step: I assign "<VALUE>" to variable "<VARIABLE_NAME>".

Cycle Feature Settings

Settings tab

The Settings tab of the Inspector panel contains settings that are specific to the type of file open in the Cycle Editor. Below are examples of the Settings tab for each type of test. Settings configured here will override any of the same settings configured under Edit > Preferences.

In general, the Settings tab contains the subsections:

  • Failure Handling - What Cycle should do if a Step fails.
  • Execution - What type of reports to enable (Email or Web), and how much time to pause between Steps.
  • Environment - Defines the specific Tags to be executed.

Feature Settings

Cycle Feature Settings

Playlist Settings

Cycle Playlist Settings

Group Test Settings

Cycle Group Test Settings

Output tab

The Output tab shows the results of a test that is currently running or has completed. A green check indicates success or "true", a red X indicates failure, an orange exclamation point indicates "false", and rotating arrows indicate a Step is currently running.

Cycle Output

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