Cycle FAQs

What training is needed to use Cycle?

Cycle's eLearning platform is a great place to begin learning the basics. Training is recommended although not required to begin creating Feature files. There are also introductory exercises available in the Cycle Help Center.

What kind of testing can Cycle be used for?

  • Systems Validation
  • Regression Testing
  • Load/Volume Testing
  • Upgrade Testing
  • Development Unit Testing

Does Cycle work well with hosted systems?

Cycle emulates keyboard and mouse input that a normal user would use; therefore Cycle works on both hosted and non-hosted systems with the appropriate access.

How much time is required to write a test using Cycle?

It depends on the number of Steps and level of complexity within the test Scenario. A typical test Scenario will take 4-8 hours of setup time. Below are examples of time for creating the test script.

Test Script Est. Time
Open terminal and move Load Number to allocated position 1 hour
Create trailer, receive, dispatch 8 hours
Create shipping trailer, allocate, pick, load, close, dispatch 14 hours

Other than software testing, what else can Cycle be used for?

Cycle can be used for workflow processes such as sending automated emails and running scheduled reports. In addition, Cycle has a Step Delay used to slow down Feature File execution so that your Features can be run for training purposes.

Can Cycle help with Volume/Load Testing?

Yes, Cycle can emulate one or many users allowing for load testing for terminal devices from one PC.

What are some examples of time savings that Cycle provides?

Below are examples of time savings for scripts run by a Super User compared to the automated Cycle run times:

Test 1: Create trailer, receive, dispatch

  • Super User: 3 minutes 11 seconds, 10 minutes data clean and set-up
  • Cycle: 2 minutes 15 seconds

Test 2: *Open terminal and move lodnum to allocated position

  • Super User: 1 minutes 16 seconds (no data setup needed)
  • Cycle: 50 seconds

Test 3: *Create shipping trailer, allocate, pick, load, close, dispatch

  • Super User: 8 minutes and 12 seconds, 10 minutes data clean and set-up
  • Cycle: 3 minutes 10 seconds

Am I able to tell which tests pass or fail?

Absolutely! Cycle will show each Step's result within the Output pane of the Cycle IDE and produces reports to review the testing results. The following FAQ shows an example of the information provided in the reporting.

What kind of reporting does Cycle provide?

Cycle provides options for reporting to HTML or Web reports, CSV reports, Email Summary reports, or directly to a data store.

The table below is an example of the data shown in the Web report.

Report data

Does Cycle require a license?

Yes, executing tests in Cycle requires users to have a valid license.

What type of customer service is provided for Cycle?

Tryon Solutions' maintenance and support for Cycle includes:

  • Standard Documentation
  • User Manual
  • Upgrades
  • Feature File Templates
  • Remote/Telephone Support
  • Access to Cycle User Portal and Help Center

How do I create a user account to login to Cycle?

Every Cycle customer has one administrator created upon purchase of licenses. This user is responsible for creating users via the User Portal. After the administrator creates an account for you, you will receive an email prompting to reset your password.

If I operate with a floating strict license, do I have to request a license at the beginning of every work day?

No. Cycle will automatically request a license upon launching the application and authenticating a user. In addition, Cycle will request a license before executing a Feature File. Therefore, if you leave Cycle open over an extended period of time during which your license expires, you should not have to close Cycle to gain a new license.

If I operate with a floating strict license, do I have to relinquish my license at the end of every work day?

No. Closing Cycle will relinquish your license automatically.

I'm able to log into my Cycle client but can't check out a license.

Being able to log into the Cycle client isn't the same as having a license. Licenses are assigned to users. You are able to log into the client because you have a valid user account, however could run into errors regarding checking out a license for a variety of reasons. Visit Error Messages for more detail.

Cycle is automatically signing into a previous account.

After signing in successfully to Cycle, the client will store an API key to bypass the login on future launches. If someone else logged into the same Windows user and still has a valid account, the API key associated with that device will still be valid. This will bypass the sign in process. To fix this, logout by going to Help > Logout in the top menu.

Can I use a node-locked license across PC user accounts on the same machine?

Cycle licenses are stored on a per PC user basis. Two different user accounts on the same machine would each need their own Cycle license.

Can I transfer my Cycle license between machines or copy an instance of my Virtual Machine with a Cycle license on it?

The API key that is generated for the respective Cycle license uses a unique hardware ID. Changing machines or running a copy of a VM will result in a new hardware ID and require a new API key.

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