Release Notes

[2.2.1] - 2019-02-18


  • Adds a button to test Email Summary report settings.
  • Adds a line counter for each file Cycle is reading from for smoother CSV interaction.
  • Adds a prompt warning the user of currently running tests before closing Cycle.
  • Adds ability to drag and drop files from one folder to another in the Project Directory panel.
  • Adds better error messages if Cycle is unable to delete a file.
  • Adds in more helpful error message when Cycle is unable to validate license.
  • Adds in more helpful info when available for MOCA errors.
  • Adds more helpful Cycle-CLI error messages.
  • Adds new option in Project settings > Advanced settings for SSL validation through a Truststore file.
  • Adds step "I open local terminal"
  • Adds support for either forward slashes or backslashes in file path references throughout Cycle.
  • Adds Telnet negotiation support for Cycle to have direct interaction with Windows Telnet service.


  • Changes behavior of the Enable Keyboard in Group Tests option to also select the terminal clicked on.
  • Changes Data Store connection fields to not show inapplicable fields for MOCA Databases.
  • Changes output for Image Match steps to use the same units as the associated setting.
  • Changes the "I stop tracing" Step to "I stop MOCA tracing" for better clarity.


  • Fixes an issue breaking normal functionality of the "I open JDA screen..." step.
  • Fixes an issue displaying images in some HTML reports.
  • Fixes an issue where line numbers referenced in error messages were incorrect.
  • Fixes an issue where Open and Save dialogs would not default to the current Project directory.
  • Fixes an issue where renaming a Feature in the file browser did not update the tab name of the open Feature.
  • Fixes an issue with "I execute MOCA script..." forcing file paths to be relative.
  • Fixes an issue with MOCA connections being blocked by SSL Certificate issues even if setting for Skip SSL Validation was turned on.
  • Fixes an issue with pauses inside of inner Scenarios not being forwarded properly.
  • Fixes an issue with the H2 logging creating a bunch of extra db files.
  • Fixes an issue with the subject line of Email Summary reports saying "Root Node Failed" instead of the Feature name.
  • Fixes Data Store connection fields to not show inapplicable fields for MOCA Databases.
  • Fixes issue where "Test Failed" notification in message bar would not show relevant details on the cause of failure.
  • Fixes issue where Cycle would jump focus to the top line in certain cases.

[2.2.0] - 2019-01-24

Version 2.2.0 introduces the Projects framework to Cycle!

Learn more about Cycle Projects


  • Adds new setting for Variable Blacklisting to mask values of blacklisted variables in Cycle output and reports.
  • Adds support for 5-digit port numbers in Steps that reference specific ports.
  • Adds "Line Wrapping" setting to have longer Steps wrap to multiple lines.
  • Adds Project Name parameter to Cycle-CLI.
  • Adds additional Step for connecting to H2 databases that require a filepassword and a userpassword.


  • The majority of settings formerly found in Cycle Preferences have been moved to the Project Settings panel. More Info
  • Existing Cycle files will need to be imported as Projects after updating to this version.
  • Cleaner output from Cycle-CLI tests, extra details related to logging moved to log file.


  • Fixes an issue recalling blacklisted variables in certain circumstances.
  • Fixes an issue with captured images not being saved into the correct directory.
  • Fixes issue with Playlists not executing Features located in subdirectories.
  • Fixes issue with Login and Logout functions hanging briefly.

[2.1.1] - 2018-11-19


  • Fixes an issue with Data Store connection to MOCA not using the specified port when one is included in MOCA Server URL.
  • Fixes an error caused by restarting a terminal in a Group Test while logging results to H2 database.
  • Fixes an implementation error with If I see image... Step.

[2.1.0] - 2018-11-05


  • Adds Microsoft Edge support for web Steps.
  • Adds new prompt on quit of Cycle to save all unsaved files.
  • Adds ability for all test types to log results to a CSV file.
  • Adds new reporting settings to log results directly to a Data Store (JDBC, MOCA, H2).
  • Adds empty state message to File Browser to guide new user on a fresh install on how to set a Resource Directory.
  • Adds image of what was in terminal to results for I terminal Steps.


  • Improves performance and reduces system resources used when running Group Tests.
  • Expands support for all test types to report to a CSV file.


  • Fixes Steps I maximize Cycle and I minimize Cycle.
  • Fixes user prompt Steps hanging and not prompting the user.
  • Fixes broken status icon on stopped Playlists.
  • Fixes issue with I open new tab in web browser Step in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixes issue with I press terminal Step failing when it should not.

[2.0.2] - 2018-09-28


  • Adds "Jump to first error" option to context menu in Output Panel.
  • Adds more intuitive drag and drop behavior when creating Group Tests.
  • Updates auto-suggest when saving Feature files to suggest current name of the tab.
  • Adds new Step for connecting to H2 databases.
  • Adds support for legacy MOCA socket connections.
  • Adds better error handling for invalid MOCA connection attempts.
  • Adds activity indicator for Data Extract tool.
  • Adds "Pertinent Settings" section to Step Assistant tab.
  • Adds "Go to line" functionality to context menu in Output Panel.
  • Adds option for "Verbose log files" to Advanced Settings.
  • Adds new Step for closing SQL connections.
  • Adds support for Enter key to login dialog.
  • Includes worker name in output of Group Tests.


  • Updates support email address displayed in Help menu.
  • Updates Output Panel behavior to auto-scroll when an individual worker is selected.
  • Increases performance for some back end processes.
  • Increases performance on longer-running Group Tests.
  • Increases performance on larger-volume Group Tests.
  • Scrolling improvements added for Output Panel.
  • Improves performance for terminal-based executions.
  • Updates branding on email summary report to use latest Cycle logo.
  • Improves performance of Output Panel for Playlists and Group Tests.
  • More helpful error messages when Cycle cannot locate an element within a larger element.
  • Improves stability after resetting terminals as a Step during Group Tests.
  • Better stability for navigating around Cycle while Data Extract Tool is running.
  • Updates Terminal Recording to use the screen size specified in the "Connect to terminal server" dialog.
  • No longer allows a Group Test to begin execution without a Group Name, Feature File, and CSV file.


  • Fixes issue with I execute MOCA dataset… Step stalling.
  • Addresses issue with Cycle locking up if an individual worker in a Group Test is selected.
  • Fixes inverse ordering of Steps in HTML reports.
  • Fixes issue with I prompt… Step hanging on execution.
  • Fixes overlapping issue with line/column indicators on Cycle's terminal.
  • Fixes issue with reports failing to generate for Cycle-CLI executions.
  • Fixes overlapping issue with some Playlist and Group Test rows.
  • Fixes issue causing UI to lock up when opening and modifying Group Tests in multiple tabs.
  • Fixes issue where Cycle would continue execution after a given Feature, Playlist or Group Test was closed manually.
  • Fixes issue accessing $row_count variable from MOCA command.
  • Updates some replacement Step suggestions.
  • Fixes issue with saving tags for Group Tests.
  • Fixes issue with Pause and Stop not responding during some executions.
  • Fixes issue with executed Scenarios not displaying in chronological order on Web reports.
  • Fixes issue with I open new tab in web browser Step causing an error in Chrome. For IE, I press keys "CTRL+T" still preferable.
  • Fixes issue with restarting a device in a Group Test causing the whole Group Test to freeze up.
  • Fixes issue with Terminal Recording not outputting valid Steps.
  • Fixes issue where selecting a tag for Group Test execution would affect the selection of other tags.
  • Fixes issue where Cycle would hang if license key was not properly encrypted.
  • Fixes issue with Cycle-CLI aborting at the end of execution.
  • Fixes issue where MOCA commands would still execute after MOCA connection was closed.
  • Fixes issue with Enable/Disable keyboard button in Cycle Ribbon not being clickable when it should be.
  • Fixes issue with Cycle recording incorrect cursor positions during Terminal recording.
  • Fixes issue with dragging Feature Files from file browser into Group Tests.
  • Fixes issue with placeholder text in Group Test fields not disappearing when clicked.

[2.0.1] - 2018-07-11


  • Adds a default timeout of 120 seconds to the Step: I navigate to "<URL>" in web browser.
  • Adds support for WIN key in key-press Steps.
  • Ports forward the user variable lastMocaCommand that was available in previous Cycle versions.
  • Adds replacement Step information to hover text for deprecated Steps in the Editor.
  • Adds support for arrow keys to desktop recording tool.
  • Ports forward two additional Steps from version 1.11: I hold down keys <KEY_OR_KEY_COMBINATION> and I release keys <KEY_OR_KEY_COMBINATION>.


  • Fixes issue that kept the following Step from recognizing images: I click "Image:<IMAGE_FILE_PATH>" with correlation <NUMBER> within <NUMBER> seconds.
  • Improves error messages for I do not see... image Steps so they are less confusing.
  • Fixes unexpected errors when stopping a Playlist.
  • Fixes an issue in a specific context where closing a tab without saving would freeze Cycle.
  • Fixes JavaScript Exception error displaying on startup.
  • Fixes subject line of Email Summary reports for Group Tests so they correctly indicate pass or fail.
  • Makes pause functionality work with terminal validation and key-press Steps.
  • Fixes pause functionality when executing web and terminal tests.
  • Corrects timestamp in CSV reports for devices that were reset during Group Test execution.
  • Corrects Group Test web reports so they include Steps if that setting is selected in Cycle's Preferences.
  • Fixes issue that allows terminal connection Steps to pass even when invalid server information is provided.
  • Fixes the following Step so it catches error messages displayed in the terminal: I see error message "<ERROR_MESSAGE_TEXT>" in terminal.
  • Enables multiple tags to be selected and run in a Group Test without error.
  • Corrects issues with the identifier being recognized when executing these deprecated MOCA Steps: identifier <LOAD|SUBLOAD|DETAIL|LOCATION> "<TEXT>" contains <NUMBER> units and identifier <LOAD|SUBLOAD|DETAIL|TRAILER> "<TEXT>" is in location "<TEXT>".
  • Makes the following deprecated Step work as expected: I start tracing to trace file "<PATH_TO_FILE>".
  • Fixes reversed parameters in the following Steps: I assign next value from sequence "<SEQUENCE>" to "<VARIABLE_NAME>" and I get the next value for sequence "<TEXT>" as "<TEXT>".
  • Enables terminal key-press Steps to press alphanumeric keys.
  • Fixes JavaScript Exception error associated with the following Steps: I execute SQL script "<SQL_FILE_PATH>", I clean out data from SQL dataset "<PATH_TO_CLEANUP>", and I execute cleanup script for SQL dataset "<DATASET_DIRECTORY_PATH>".
  • Fixes unexpected error received when executing deprecated RF line contains... Steps.
  • Corrects issue causing Auto Complete to overwrite existing valid Step when the Enter key is pressed.
  • Enables Inspector Panel to detect tags separated by a line break.
  • Makes File > Recent menu include files created, saved, and closed within the current Cycle session.
  • Corrects issue with licenses not getting valid serial numbers on Windows machines.
  • Fixes reports so that angle bracketed-words (e.g., variable names) are displayed appropriately.
  • Fixes issue related to a specific context that causes a missing footer in the terminal window and a JavaScript Exception error.


A major design overhaul brings new tools into Cycle’s user interface!

  • The Cycle Ribbon gives quick access to buttons for inserting Scenarios, Backgrounds, After Scenarios, keywords and other content into the Editor, as well as recording terminal and desktop actions.
  • A convenient File Browser panel allows easy navigation to Cycle resources.
  • The Image Accessory simplifies the process of capturing images, and inserting and renaming images within Cycle Steps.
  • The Cycle Preferences area brings a fresh layout to configuring Cycle.
  • A handy New Inspector Panel to the right of the Editor includes:

    • Step Assistant tab, which gives immediate info on Steps, including parameters and examples, while creating or editing a Feature.
    • Settings tab, which allows for quick overrides to Cycle’s default preferences for specific Features, Playlists, or Group Tests.
    • Output tab, which shows the currently executing and previously executed Steps.
  • Data Extract tool redesigned to pop into side panel rather than overtaking the Editing window.

  • The terminal window is now integrated into Cycle's Editor.
  • Playlists and Group tests support drag-and-drop for adding/moving items.

Additional Enhancements

  • Feature File Editor Improvements:

    • Auto Complete won't remove pre-filled parameters
    • Auto Complete will flag deprecated Steps and provide replacement Steps
    • Deprecated Step warnings
    • Real-time tag and Scenario counters
  • Improved logging to resolve support issues

  • Smarter Step delay does not affect Steps that are fully contained within Cycle, such as setting variables
  • Improved failure handling options
  • More intuitive Group Test drill-down and navigation
  • Next generation execution engine brings significant performance increase
  • License check ignores SSL/TLS Certificate issues

New Steps added:

I right click element "id:loginButton" in web browser (within 3 seconds)

I verify last error is equal to "404 Page not found"

I verify scenario status is equal to "failed/skipped/passed"

I verify last error is defined

I verify last error is undefined

I verify scenario passed

I verify scenario failed

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