License settings

Device Settings

License settings displays the current license information and allows for proxy configuration:

  1. Username - The username associated with your Cycle license.
  2. Expiration date - The date and time that the current license will expire.
  3. License ID - The specific ID tied to your current session.
  4. License type - Displays the type of license (Node-Locked/Floating Strict/Trial) that the current session is using.
  5. Request license - Requests a floating license lasting 8 hours from the Cycle license server.
  6. Checkout license - Requests a floating license lasting a configurable number of days from the Cycle license server.
  7. Relinquish current license - Removes the current license from the active license pool.
  8. Logout - Logs out of the current session.
  9. Proxy settings - Cycle has the ability to use proxy settings when a standard connection path is not possible. If you need to use a proxy connection, please contact your Cycle administrator for the necessary settings.

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